my favorite softwares

   Although I have a partition dedicated to Windows, my favorite softwares run on Mac OsX. I’m using mainly freewares :

- MACHAMRADIO : Mac softwares ressource by Lee, WW2DX.

- RUMLOG : logging software. By DL2RUM

- RUMPED : DXpedition & Contest software. By DL2RUM

- FLDIGI : King of the Digimodes software. By W1HKJ & Associates

- MULTISCAN : Sstv software, beautiful interface. By KD6CJI

- DSPRADIO : SDR software. By DL2SDR

- QTHID : Control the Funcube

- QRQ : Do you want to be fast ? By DJ1YFK.

- G4FGQ : Website by K3HRN in memory of G4FGQ. You will find his DOS programs here.

- 4nec2 : My favorite program for antenna modeling and optimizing.

- 4nec2 Youtube tutorials : Learn is easy and fast ! By DxHunt

   There are many others programs but this is just a selection of the ones I use the most.