I don’t use paper QSL cards so thank’s to those who offrered me free QSL service but I don’t need a QSL manager. No French Buro or personal address. You have 2 ways to confirmed our QSO :

  1. -LOTW

  2. -eQSL


   At least twice a month, I upload my log on CLUBLOG, it’s a fantastic toolkit, but this website makes many others services. It’s also a good way to know if you are in my log without LOTW or eQSL. Thank’s to Michael G7VJR, author of this beautiful website.


   I have a twitter account : FY8PE, it’s mainly for radio friends who want to be aware of my radio activities. If you also have a twitter account you can subscribe to HAMTWITS, wich is a directory of hamradio accounts.


   QRZ.com, one of the best ways to obtain informations about an OM. My Qrz page is too small, that’s why I have created this website.


   For any questions, you will find my email address on my Qrz page.