When I started, I bought my first antenna, the homemade fever come later... It was a Buddipole Deluxe and I have always this one, it’s a great value. I don’t have to intoduce you this antenna, every where you will find informations and good reviews :

  1. -Buddipole official website

  2. -Buddipole on Youtube : all instructional videos and Buddipole mini-Dxpeditions

- The Yahoo Group : many DIY, tips and others

  1. -WG0AT : Steve & his goats in portable ops.

   After few months I build some accesories :

  1. -Triple ratio balun by WB6ZQZ Alan Biocca

  2. -Low band coil

  3. -Special screw for radial

  4. -Radial system

  5. -Suplementary arms

   I have many beautiful memories with this antenna. It allowed me to make my firsts QSO in SSB, some portable operations with friends and also few beautiful DX in CW.

   Yes, it’s only a shortened dipole, but the assembly quality is very good, packaging is optimal, it takes a small space and implementation is very fast. There are many configurations/tips and that’s help in any conditions so this antenna will follow me for a long time !