YAGI on 6M


   The hexbeam have also a 2 elements for 6m, but the result is not amazing. I was searching a new antenna project on the DK7ZB website when I found a 5 elements Yagi. I wanted to transform my bamboo cubical quad so I opted for bare copper wires fixed on bamboo elements. For that, I ran 4nec2 in order to find dimensions. The antenna has been tested during 3 weeks, but unfortunalty there wasn’t so much propagation peak.


   After few optimizations I found a good design in order to use wire elements fixed to bamboo rods. The antenna add around 28 ohms of impedance, for the adpatation I used a quater wave coax of 75 ohms. Again, the SWR was very linear and the settings was very easy. With bare copper wire of 1.5 mm2 dimensions are :

Reflector : 2.89 m

Radiator : 2.74 m

Director 1 : 2.58 m

Director 2 : 2.53 m

Director 3 : 2.48 m

Space Ref - Rad : 0.54 m

Space Ref - Dir 1 : 1.31 m

Space Ref - Dir 2 : 3.00 m

Space Ref - Dir 3 : 4.48 m


   The 6m band was not very open during the test but I made few QSO with european stations, with the hexbeam 2 elements I wasn’t able to hear anything... There was the clearly difference I was waiting  : around 2 or 3 s-meter points.

   Finally, the rainy and sunny days have deformed the boom (wood material) after 2 weeks. And the antenna went to the ground definitively.